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Bespoke in-house design services

Have a unique vision or a special concept you’d like to bring to life for an upcoming performance or competition?

No worries! Our custom design services are available in-house to cater to your precise outfit needs. We relish the opportunity to collaborate closely with our clients, so please get in touch today, and let’s discuss your design aspirations.

Gym & Dance

Welcome to our Gym & Dance website, which offers a wide range of gymnastics leotards to help you look and perform your best.

Gym & Dance is a design and manufacturing company based in Belgium.
We produce all types of apparel for ballet, gymnastics, urban wear as well as other types of dancewear.

We also produce beautiful, high-quality shoes for dance, gymnastics, and ballet.
G&D’s business is aimed at supplying dance and gymnastics wear to dance schools and gymnastics clubs.

Gymnastics is a demanding sport that requires a lot of strength, flexibility, and grace.
Our gymnastics leotards are designed to provide the support and freedom of movement you need to excel in your sport.

Our leotards come in various colors, styles, and designs to suit every taste and preference.
Whether you prefer a classic look or something more unique, we have a leotard that will suit you perfectly.
We also offer leotards in different fabrics, from breathable and lightweight materials to those with more stretch and support.

Our gymnastics leotards are made with quality and comfort in mind.
They are designed to fit snugly to your body, without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable.
Our leotards’ stretchy and breathable fabrics will allow you to move easily and comfortably during your practice or competition.

We understand that gymnastics leotards are not just about looking good, but also about feeling confident and comfortable while performing.
That is why we offer a range of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your body type.
Our leotards are also easy to care for making them convenient for your busy lifestyle.

At Gym & Dance, we believe that the proper gymnastics leotard can make all the difference in your performance.
Browse our collection today and find the perfect leotard to help you shine in your sport.






Design Expertise

Gym & Dance knows how demanding the dance and gymnastics environment is on outfits. Therefore we pride ourselves on our quality, service and technical design expertise.

Comprehensive Service

We offer a comprehensive service for our customers from design assistance through to the finished product; manufacturing a wide range of articles. In house design are available along with fabrics samples before any decisions are made.

Extensive Range

We work with an extensive range of fabrics: special measure garments are available to complement our range. Whatever the requirement, Gym & Dance can provide you with the solution.

Featured products

Contact us for ordering or explaining your customizations ideas.